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Apartment Locator vs. Apartment Database Search


When it comes to finding the right apartment for your needs, most people will begin their search process online, either via the likes of Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Searching for apartments or rentals usually turns up two choices: apartment locators or apartment databases. Both have their uses, of course, but you really only need one to help with the search process.

Apartment Locator

When relocating to a brand new city or region, somewhere unfamiliar, an apartment locator is your best option. Such services will respond to your inquiries via phone or email, asking for details regarding your ideal rental apartment. Offer them as much information as possible to find the right apartment. This information should include your budget, move date, and desired amenities, for example. An apartment locator is knowledgeable about the local area and can find an ideal piece of property for your needs.

Apartment Database Search

On the other hand, an apartment database search offers a large choice of listings in the area. You can read through available apartments and communities using maps, rent rages, photographs, and desired amenities. The task of research each apartment and finding something that works for you is solely up to you. Most sites require basic registration, including your name, email address, and move date. For those who prefer a more do it yourself type of method, an apartment database search is right for you. It does require more work, more time, and more headaches, though.

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Best Ways to Find the Perfect Apartment

Architectural details of modern apartment building. British Columbia, Canada

Most people have that “my first apartment” story that tends to involve an angry landlord in the middle of the night, leaking roofs, or lost security deposits. That first apartment usually sounds horrendous, and yet people consider it a rite of passage to live somewhere horrible. That is not how it should be. Your first apartment experience should be filled with joy, excitement, and perhaps just a bit of nerves. Finding the perfect apartment for your needs doesn’t need to be a task bogged down with hurdles

What Really Matters

When it comes to finding a good apartment, narrow your search a bit and find the features that really matter for your needs. This may include a particular neighborhood, safety ratings, number of bedrooms, square footage, and included amenities. List each item into “must-haves,” “nice to have,” and “dream features.” This list of yours will narrow down your options to something more reasonable. Your choices may be more limited, but those choices will be more enticing to select from.

Depending on the city you live in or are moving to, consider a neighborhood slightly away from the beaten path. You may receive more square footage for your monthly rent. Explore communities and find what is in walking distance.


When it comes to real estate, timing is absolutely everything. For example, if you live in a college town, consider finding an apartment outside of the school year start times. The prices are higher during these periods and more students are seeking a place to live, which means far fewer options available on the market.

May to the end of August is the busiest time of year for apartment rentals.

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Is It Difficult to Find an Apartment in Plano?

Find an Apartment in Plano

It is not at all difficult to find an apartment in Plano. Not only is it easy to relocate to Plano but there are whole slew of other reasons to settle down in this vibrant suburb. Keep reading to see some of our top reasons to rent in Plano.

A Great Place to Live

It’s no surprise that Plano continues to attract more and more residents from around the country with it’s excellent schools, job opportunities and low living costs. Forbes also rated it in the top 1% of safest cities in America. Whether you are looking for a good place to raise a family or live on your own you will appreciate the myriad job options and non-existent income tax so you can make money and keep it too. Plano is lauded for its median income. 40% of the residents of Plano make over one hundred thousand dollars a year. Along with keeping money in the pockets of the residents, it also has a very low cost of living, allowing for even more savings in your piggy bank. Plano is the place to live if you’re wanting the ease of finding a rental with a job to go with it.

Vibrant Lifestyles

Living in Plano has many social advantages as well. The city keeps your commute fluid with wide, many laned roads and an excellent public transit system. It even boasts a dart rail system. Your morning routine could include riding your bicycle on the beautiful bike paths or taking your jogging shoes to any of the foot paths around the city.  If exercise doesn’t get your blood pumping, then maybe shopping is more your style. The city boasts many shopping strips and state of the art shopping malls and centers.

Overflowing with Options

Plano is full of choices when it comes to renting. Potential renters are often more overwhelmed by the wealth of options than frustrated by a lack of properties. However, even with several properties to choose from, finding a place to rent can be a difficult and time consuming process.

If you would like someone to take that work off of your plate then give ASAP Apartment Finders a call. We will narrow down your options and help you effortlessly find the rental you’ve been dreaming of. Give us a call at (214) 599-9883 or reach us through our contact page to get started.

The Difference Between a Realtor and an Apartment Finder Service

Realtor vs Apartment Finder

It is hard work to find an apartment. It takes time and effort and can be frustrating when every unit you find already has a few applications in line. Those are some of the reasons many renters choose to have a realtor or apartment finder assist them in their search. But which is a better fit when you are looking to rent?


Realtors go about finding you a place to rent just as they would assist a buyer looking for a new house. They use your living preferences such as school zones and number of bathrooms to narrow down search results and send you likely properties to consider. Once you flag a property you are interested in they put you into contact with the manager and the rest is up to you. Often times you can find a realtor who will offer this service for free. Both in the hope that you may later refer your friends or family looking to buy or sell a house and because realtors also get compensated by the owner if they successfully find them a tenant. Realtors however make more from their customers who are looking to buy or sell a house so they may not have as much time for their renting customers.

Apartment Finders

Apartment finders use a different system than realtors to search for available properties. This system also searches for current specials and discounts such as waived security deposits or apartments offering the first month for free. Your apartment finder is also paid on commission by the owner. Like realtors, apartment finders do not earn money unless they are successful in getting the unit leased for the owner. However, unlike realtors, apartment finders do not have a separate side of the business bringing in money. Consequently all their time and energy is spent helping you find exactly what you are looking for. Since apartment finders do just that and no more, they won’t have their time and energy split between home buying clients and renters as a realtor might. That way you can have the confidence that they are working hard to get you into your new place.

Looking for a new place to call home? Call ASAP Apartment Finders at (214) 599-9883 or reach us through our contact page and one of our helpful staff will get started on finding your perfect place today.

Plano vs. Richardson: Which Living Style Will Work For You


Apartment Locator Service

Although Richardson and Plano are extremely close geographically they are each their own distinct city with their own culture and identity. Either one could easily suit your needs depending on your time of life and personal priorities. Let’s take a closer look at what each city has to offer.


Plano is known for its suburban feel, good schools and quiet living. An excellent place to live and work it’s hardly surprising that Plano draws a healthy number of renters and homeowners alike. Plano ranked number 6 overall on WalletHub’s best cities to rent in, taking into consideration Plano’s affordable rent, apartment quality and job availability. The average rent cost in Plano for a 2-bedroom apartment is $1,350 and since Plano covers far more area than Richardson you’ll have more options to choose from. Overall, Plano is ideal for those raising families or for those looking to retire.


Also a suburban city, Richardson chiefly differs from Plano in both in size and distance from downtown Dallas. If you commute everyday or are looking to enjoy the Dallas nightlife then Richardson might be a better option. The distance from Richardson to Dallas is 5 miles less than Plano, and although that may sound like a negotiable amount 5 miles can make all the difference when you’re heading back home in rush hour traffic. Your average rent in Richardson is $1,297, cheaper than Plano but not by a significant amount unless you are on a tight budget. Overall Richardson could be a preferable alternative for those looking to be a little closer to downtown Dallas but prefer somewhere safe and quiet to lay their heads at night.

Plano and Richardson have many similarities but their few small differences could be the deciding factor between a good place to rent and a great place to call home. Whichever city suits you best ASAP Apartment Finders is there to help you find the perfect living situation for where you are at right now. Give us a call at (214) 599-9883 or reach us through our contact page to find your apartment ASAP.

Uptown or Arts District? Where Do I Want an Apartment?


Apartment searching is so much more than finding the right square footage or laundry arrangement. If you are planning on a move it’s also important to do your neighborhood research so you settle into a place you can really love. Each Dallas neighborhood as something unique to offer, for every lifestyle and preference. Although the Uptown and Arts Districts are not that far apart, they offer a vastly different experience for those who call them home. For instance, if you love to get outdoors, Uptown might be a better fit with all of its parks and trails. However, if rich, cultural experiences are the goal then the myriad museums and performance centers in the Arts District might be a better fit.


Uptown is upscale living with attractive streets, a vibrant nightlife and plenty of places to see and be seen. If social activities are high on your priority list than Uptown Dallas will most likely offer the life you are looking for. Although most young professionals work in Downtown Dallas, they take the short ride over to Uptown to live and enjoy themselves at landmark locations like the West Village or tasting unique creations from celebrity chefs at Abacus or Dean Fearing’s.

Arts District

The Dallas Arts District is aptly named as it houses the museums, Opera, Symphony and theatre facilities as well as an arts magnet high school. This trendy neighborhood has lots to see and do but it is a small subsection of the city and everything is pretty tightly packed in. On the plus side, this means you can get to everything fairly quickly but on the down side it might begin to feel small after a few months although the attractions remain larger than life.

As you can see both sought after neighborhoods have a lot to offer. The choice may be difficult but fortunately they are not far apart if you want to enjoy what each district has to offer. Once you have a neighborhood or two you’d like to focus your search on, let ASAP Apartment Finders help you find the living space of your dreams, right next to everything you need and love. Give us a call at (214) 599-9883 or reach us through our contact page to get your apartment search started today.