Basic Factors to Consider When Renting an Apartment

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Searching for an apartment is often an overwhelming experience – especially for a young adult who is on their first hunt for a place to live. Not only must you select a new home from seemingly endless choices, but you also must sign away a year of your life in a contract. To ensure the process is a tad bit more manageable, you should fully understand what it is you’re looking for in a Dallas apartment.


First off, determine what size apartment you truly require. Generally, one bedroom per person is a good starting point, though couples or children can share a single bedroom for the time being. College students may consider renting one of their rooms to a roommate to save a bit of money.

How about the bathroom? Is it big enough to accommodate you, your family, or your friends who will sleep over?


Price will always be the most significant factor to consider when renting an apartment. If you can be coerced into something more expensive, you’re only setting yourself up for failure in the future. Opt for a more manageable monthly rent. Some parts of the city may be more expensive than others, so feel free to shop around.


Your landlord is the individual you will rely on for maintenance, returning your security deposit, and safety. While taking a tour of an apartment, try to get a feel for the type of person the landlord is. If you mesh well with them, then all the better. You should feel comfortable and willing to work with this individual for the next year, not afraid or alone.

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