Get to Know the Neighborhood in Your City Before You Sign Your Next Apartment Lease


It is far too common for someone to live in an apartment for a few months or even a few years without ever exploring their neighborhood. Most people are too busy with work, school, social lives, and other commitments to truly spend the time examining where they live. This is a mistake, however. Even before moving into that beautiful apartment, you should get to know the neighborhood a little.

Take a Walk

For starters, walking the immediate area surrounding your potential new apartment is an excellent idea. It is easily the best method to get to know the neighborhood. Walking allows you to move slowly and honestly examine all of the small stuff, like the little-used bookstore on the corner, or perhaps the park down the block. Alternatively, getting “lost” in the neighborhood will offer a better sense of direction once you do move in.

Next, take a moment to chat with the neighbors, whether they live in the same apartment building or across the street in their house. Get to know the individuals you would be living near, ask them questions about the area, and find the quirks in the neighborhood.

Pick Up a Paper

This is a little-known trick to get used to the community: pick up a paper. If your neighborhood has its newspaper or publication, or perhaps a resident has their blog, you can gain some insight into living there. If you’re new to the entire city, pick up a local publication, too.

Alternatively, if you’re having trouble learning about the neighborhood, speak with an apartment finder. Chances are they know the area and can offer some insight of their own.

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