Best Ways to Find the Perfect Apartment

Architectural details of modern apartment building. British Columbia, Canada

Most people have that “my first apartment” story that tends to involve an angry landlord in the middle of the night, leaking roofs, or lost security deposits. That first apartment usually sounds horrendous, and yet people consider it a rite of passage to live somewhere horrible. That is not how it should be. Your first apartment experience should be filled with joy, excitement, and perhaps just a bit of nerves. Finding the perfect apartment for your needs doesn’t need to be a task bogged down with hurdles

What Really Matters

When it comes to finding a good apartment, narrow your search a bit and find the features that really matter for your needs. This may include a particular neighborhood, safety ratings, number of bedrooms, square footage, and included amenities. List each item into “must-haves,” “nice to have,” and “dream features.” This list of yours will narrow down your options to something more reasonable. Your choices may be more limited, but those choices will be more enticing to select from.

Depending on the city you live in or are moving to, consider a neighborhood slightly away from the beaten path. You may receive more square footage for your monthly rent. Explore communities and find what is in walking distance.


When it comes to real estate, timing is absolutely everything. For example, if you live in a college town, consider finding an apartment outside of the school year start times. The prices are higher during these periods and more students are seeking a place to live, which means far fewer options available on the market.

May to the end of August is the busiest time of year for apartment rentals.

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