Uptown or Arts District? Where Do I Want an Apartment?


Apartment searching is so much more than finding the right square footage or laundry arrangement. If you are planning on a move it’s also important to do your neighborhood research so you settle into a place you can really love. Each Dallas neighborhood as something unique to offer, for every lifestyle and preference. Although the Uptown and Arts Districts are not that far apart, they offer a vastly different experience for those who call them home. For instance, if you love to get outdoors, Uptown might be a better fit with all of its parks and trails. However, if rich, cultural experiences are the goal then the myriad museums and performance centers in the Arts District might be a better fit.


Uptown is upscale living with attractive streets, a vibrant nightlife and plenty of places to see and be seen. If social activities are high on your priority list than Uptown Dallas will most likely offer the life you are looking for. Although most young professionals work in Downtown Dallas, they take the short ride over to Uptown to live and enjoy themselves at landmark locations like the West Village or tasting unique creations from celebrity chefs at Abacus or Dean Fearing’s.

Arts District

The Dallas Arts District is aptly named as it houses the museums, Opera, Symphony and theatre facilities as well as an arts magnet high school. This trendy neighborhood has lots to see and do but it is a small subsection of the city and everything is pretty tightly packed in. On the plus side, this means you can get to everything fairly quickly but on the down side it might begin to feel small after a few months although the attractions remain larger than life.

As you can see both sought after neighborhoods have a lot to offer. The choice may be difficult but fortunately they are not far apart if you want to enjoy what each district has to offer. Once you have a neighborhood or two you’d like to focus your search on, let ASAP Apartment Finders help you find the living space of your dreams, right next to everything you need and love. Give us a call at (214) 599-9883 or reach us through our contact page to get your apartment search started today.