Plano vs. Richardson: Which Living Style Will Work For You


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Although Richardson and Plano are extremely close geographically they are each their own distinct city with their own culture and identity. Either one could easily suit your needs depending on your time of life and personal priorities. Let’s take a closer look at what each city has to offer.


Plano is known for its suburban feel, good schools and quiet living. An excellent place to live and work it’s hardly surprising that Plano draws a healthy number of renters and homeowners alike. Plano ranked number 6 overall on WalletHub’s best cities to rent in, taking into consideration Plano’s affordable rent, apartment quality and job availability. The average rent cost in Plano for a 2-bedroom apartment is $1,350 and since Plano covers far more area than Richardson you’ll have more options to choose from. Overall, Plano is ideal for those raising families or for those looking to retire.


Also a suburban city, Richardson chiefly differs from Plano in both in size and distance from downtown Dallas. If you commute everyday or are looking to enjoy the Dallas nightlife then Richardson might be a better option. The distance from Richardson to Dallas is 5 miles less than Plano, and although that may sound like a negotiable amount 5 miles can make all the difference when you’re heading back home in rush hour traffic. Your average rent in Richardson is $1,297, cheaper than Plano but not by a significant amount unless you are on a tight budget. Overall Richardson could be a preferable alternative for those looking to be a little closer to downtown Dallas but prefer somewhere safe and quiet to lay their heads at night.

Plano and Richardson have many similarities but their few small differences could be the deciding factor between a good place to rent and a great place to call home. Whichever city suits you best ASAP Apartment Finders is there to help you find the perfect living situation for where you are at right now. Give us a call at (214) 599-9883 or reach us through our contact page to find your apartment ASAP.