The Difference Between a Realtor and an Apartment Finder Service

Realtor vs Apartment Finder

It is hard work to find an apartment. It takes time and effort and can be frustrating when every unit you find already has a few applications in line. Those are some of the reasons many renters choose to have a realtor or apartment finder assist them in their search. But which is a better fit when you are looking to rent?


Realtors go about finding you a place to rent just as they would assist a buyer looking for a new house. They use your living preferences such as school zones and number of bathrooms to narrow down search results and send you likely properties to consider. Once you flag a property you are interested in they put you into contact with the manager and the rest is up to you. Often times you can find a realtor who will offer this service for free. Both in the hope that you may later refer your friends or family looking to buy or sell a house and because realtors also get compensated by the owner if they successfully find them a tenant. Realtors however make more from their customers who are looking to buy or sell a house so they may not have as much time for their renting customers.

Apartment Finders

Apartment finders use a different system than realtors to search for available properties. This system also searches for current specials and discounts such as waived security deposits or apartments offering the first month for free. Your apartment finder is also paid on commission by the owner. Like realtors, apartment finders do not earn money unless they are successful in getting the unit leased for the owner. However, unlike realtors, apartment finders do not have a separate side of the business bringing in money. Consequently all their time and energy is spent helping you find exactly what you are looking for. Since apartment finders do just that and no more, they won’t have their time and energy split between home buying clients and renters as a realtor might. That way you can have the confidence that they are working hard to get you into your new place.

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