Luxury Apartments vs. Serviced Apartments

Apartment Locator ServiceWhen it comes to searching for just the right apartment for your needs, you may be torn between two choices: luxury apartments or serviced apartments. Both types have their amenities, features, and benefits, but they are different enough to warrant consideration.

Luxury Apartments

Luxury apartments have been designed to ensure you feel more comfortable and at home. This includes certain amenities not found elsewhere, such as a doorman, security guards, premium counter tops, brand new kitchen appliances, on-site parking, valet service, dry cleaning, etc. With on-site exercise rooms and a spa room, most luxury apartments are worth the extra money tenants spend. Overall, you really will feel like you’re living in luxury. The drawback to such amenities, however, remains the overall price. You can expect to pay for these premium services. Some would argue paying for a house would be a better investment. Others, still, enjoy living in an apartment and are not yet ready for home life.

Serviced Apartments

A serviced apartment, on the other hand, comes with its own amenities that makes tenants feel welcomed and comfortable. These apartments are usually for long-term and short-term stays, and come fully furnished and typically have a fitness center on-site, a laundry room, and usually some sort of recreational room for tenants to take advantage of. These rec rooms are especially nice, as they usually include pool tables, television sets, small kitchens, and couches to lounge around on. Many serviced apartments also come with washer and dryers in the apartment, which are usually tucked away inside a small closet somewhere.

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